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 The following are read without fail, and please inquire agreement from following "Agree" button of the content.

The Digital Info Produce Co.,Ltd. (Hereafter, it is said, "Digital Info Produce") is information on inquirer, and the one that an inquirer concerned can be identified by the name, the address, the telephone number, the mail address, the school name included in information concerned, and other descriptions, etc. (It is possible to collate with other information easily, and, as a result, the one that an inquirer concerned can be identified is contained. Hereafter, it is said, "Personal information".) which is assumed the one to handle it by our privacy handling standard, following each title, and the inquirer acknowledges this.

(1) Management of personal information
  Personal information protection manager:
  Digital Info Produce Co.,Ltd. System Business Division General Manager.
(2) Purpose of acquisition and use of inquirer's personal information
  Reply and personal authentication of answer to inquiry
(3) Indication to third party
  Digital Info Produce does not indicated the personal information acquired from the inquirer to the third party without obtaining the inquirer's concerned agreement. However, inquirer's concerned personal information can be disclosed without obtaining the inquirer's agreement when corresponding to either the following.
   (a).When there is an indication claim by the protection of personal information method conforming
   (b). When the Digital Info Produce reasonably judges it is juridical and necessary besides
(4) Correction of personal information etc
  When there is only a request from the inquirer oneself, it is assumed the one that information registered voluntarily besides personal information can be changed, it adds, it delete, and registration be blotted out.
(5) Change in this rule
  Digital Info Puroduce is assumed to be the one that this rule can be changed at any time. The content of the change is displayed on this page, it is considered that the inquirer acknowledged it when one month passes.

This rule is executed on February 21, 2005.
February 21, 2005 Digital Info Produce Co.,Ltd.