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DIP Services

 We are participating in basic construction, operation and maintenance of a middle to large-scale matter in a basic field such as Websphere, AIX, DB2 UDB/Oracle and Tivoli as very few 'IBM Co. specialized partner'.
 We will also support all processes from the development through operation and maintenance of the system that achieves the customer's business reformation in total in the field of the Web development.

Balance of  '3 elements' that maximizes IT value

@ Technologies of infrastructure construction and development to achieve customers' system image
A Site design to achieve impact on visual side of system
B Marketing indispensable to provide customers' product, commodity, service, and information effectively

We are especially developing mainly the system business (infrastructure construction and application development).

● DIP is offering it as IT service field with the feature around the following fields.

 ○ Grand Vision

● Showcase

 ○ System Engineering